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I understand the importance of taking into account the specific circumstances and needs of each person who comes to me for consultation or coaching and that each person have different budget options. 

When you get stuck in your work or private life due to heavy workload, stress or other challenges, coaching can be a good way to deal with it. You can always ask your employer for partial or full cost reimbursement of the coaching or workshop fees. This is possible in many companies. Ask me for tips. 

Another option to reduce costs is to follow a program in a small group. Ask about the possibilities. 

Our Services

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Make The Most Of Your Life


Personal Coaching

Through Mindset Solutions, I offer my clients the valuable guidance and support they need at rates that fit their budget. Personal coaching is a good option for everyone, whether you are working with a professional coach for the first time or have been doing so for some time. Book your session today and get the results you want.


Building Resilience 

HeartMath Program

This program was developed by the HeartMath Institute to restore balance. It is a simple and very powerful method. You learn techniques to regulate stress and emotions in any circumstances. The exercises are simple, and they can be used anywhere and anytime including at the moment of stress itself. 

We use HRV Bio-feedback equipment that makes visible what is happening in your body. 


Biofeedback device € 229,-

€ 650,- FOR 10 SESSIONS

Biology Of Success

Biology of Success is one of the most popular and successful coaching programs I currently offer. The program is based on the knowledge, experience and strategies that I have developed over many years. I use different techniques, for example HeartMath, Neuro coaching, visual cards, NLP and more, dependent upon the requirements of each client. The most important thing is to provide you with the right tools to achieve your goal.

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