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Discover The Power Of Emotions

Scientists have discovered that the heart and brain are interconnected, and that a steady, smooth, regular heart rhythm makes it easier to think clearly and make wise decisions. We call this heart coherence. By learning heart coherence, you learn to function better and become  more emotionally stable.


This workshop combines the knowledge and practical exercises of HeartMath and Neuroscience. You learn techniques how to transform stress and to be more relaxed and healthier in life and regulate your emotions. You learn to recognize your emotions in both yourself as with others and use these emotions as an instrument for personal and organizational change. You learn to think more clearly, to communicate better and to manage your energy better. In addition, the training offers you many insights and experiences to increase your mental and emotional resilience and to live more creatively and happy. 


The program was created through the collaboration of NeuroChangeSolution of Dr. Joe Dispenza and HeartMath Institute. The duration of the workshop is 8 hours and it may be booked for one or more days.


The workshop takes place online, or face to face on location. This workshop can be booked as a sequel to Change Your Thoughts and is seen as an in-depth study of the material learned in that course. 

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