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When we are at a breaking point in our lives due to external circumstances or physical complaints, we feel that something in our life has to change. Sometimes the signs are a bit more subtle, and we get hints from our bodies. We feel listless or don't feel like going through the day-to-day worries or thoughts keep spinning in our heads. This makes us more and more frustrated. Sometimes we don't even know what it is that is standing in our way. Something in our life is out of order or out of balance. I know from experience that real change always comes from within. At such an inflexion point in my life, I myself looked for guidance, books and methods that could help me.


I have searched for an optimum between personal development, ambition and well-being. I wanted simple, understandable, well-founded methods that I could apply in daily life. Gradually I came into contact with the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and by extension HeartMath Institute. I attended workshops, read the books and began to integrate these techniques into my life. I have also attended various meditations and self development workshops and courses. After years of practice I have become convinced of the effectiveness of these techniques. As a result, I studied for and obtained certification as a Corporate Consultant for both NeuroChangeSolutions and HeartMath techniques. I have developed my own coaching style based upon my experiences in my private life, in the business world and the daily testing and application of different techniques. 


With great passion I support people during their personal transformation who need help with stress or life questions. People who struggles with worries and overthinking or who want to perform better and find a better balance in their lives.

I combine practical neuroscience with heart-brain coherence and intuition to help individuals and groups overcome challenges and stress and build resilience. I teach them to gain insight into their own thinking patterns, feelings and habits which helps them to form a basis for sustainable, positive change. From there, they can start building on their goals and change that matter to them. I use the techniques I have learned on a daily basis, which has moved my life into my desired flow.


I deliver Workshops, Webinars and Coaching to help corporate clients become more engaged, productive and less prone to stress.


I coach private clients who want to develop emotionally, mentally or spiritually, overcome a challenge or become more resilient.


Background: BBA Management & Coaching, Certificate from NeuroChange Solutions, Certificate from HeartMath coach, Certificate from Oracle Guide, 25 years of experience in corporate, Financial and Automotive industry as Senior Manager Operations and Risk.

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