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Since starting my business, I have been helping my clients discover efficient approaches to dealing with challenges in their lives. Read on to find out what clients have written about their experiences with my coaching services and contact me today if you'd like to schedule your own session.

Charlotte Silooy, Ontwerper

Thanks to Dana, I've learned how to think more positively, make better decisions, and regulate my emotions in

a simple way. It has practically changed my life, and I can genuinely say that I've become a happier person after her sessions on HeartMath. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Charlotte has completed an individual coaching program.

Bernard, Jurist 

Dana is a coach who operates with complete integrity and knows exactly how to fulfill a client's needs. When a client is ready to take the next step, she has the ability to help them gain the insight necessary to reach that next level. Dana's coaching has helped me establish a solid foundation, remove obstacles, and learn useful techniques that I can apply to unlock heart-based frequencies and take the right position for further growth.

Bernard has completed an individual coaching program.

Marianne B.

Thank you so much for your fantastic workshop, which I found educational, enjoyable, and impactful. Your enthusiasm was truly inspiring. Since attending your workshop, I've been doing the heart breathing exercise at least 3 times a day, followed by a gratitude affirmation. It has been incredibly beneficial for me.

Marianne has attended the workshop "The Magic of the Heart."

Elif Apoydin, IT Manager

Dana, thank you so much for this  journey. Now I know that instead of reacting to what I'm physically experiencing, I can still choose my internal state of being. Thank you for your valuable teachings.

Elif has attended the business workshop "Change Your Mind, Create New Results."

Erwin B.

I am grateful for your unconditional dedication and attention in showing new possibilities to make everyone's world a little better every day. Thank you for that.

Erwin has attended the NeuroChangeSolution workshop.


Life has been quite challenging lately. The techniques you taught us have kept me balanced. Since the workshop, I've started practicing meditations, which helps me stay calm and see things from a different perspective. I've also learned to be more composed and gain awareness of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. As a result, I feel happier and healthier. I am determined to continue this journey, not only for my own well-being but also for the well-being of my students.

Post NeuroChangeSolution workshop group-coaching.

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